INNOPLEX's Core Values

INNOPLEX Headquarters Sign Unveiling

Diversity & Inclusivity

Our company is proud to be a diverse and inclusive workplace, where individuals from all backgrounds are welcomed with open arms. We believe that our workforce is strongest when we have a wide range of perspectives and experiences represented.
Our commitment to equality means that we treat all employees with respect and fairness, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.

Collaboration & Teamwork

At INNOPLEX, we don't just see our employees as workers, but as members of our family. We know that work is just one part of our employees' lives, and we want to make sure that they feel supported and valued both inside and outside of the office. Whether you're just starting out in your career or have been with us for years, we want you to know that you are an important part of our family and that we are committed to your success.

We have built this company and shaped our culture over the last 18 years by engaging and listening to our workforce...and implementing their suggestions. With our open-door policy, employees are encouraged to stop by and share their opinions, ideas, or concerns with management. 


Honesty & Transparency

Our owners Phil and Chris proactively engage with all of our employees. They meet regularly with off-site employees and give them the opportunity to share their work experiences and accomplishments.
Phil and Chris also actively communicate with the engineering staff to increase transparency concerning company activities and new initiatives in the defense, IT, and engineering solutions industry. 

What It's Like
to Work With Us

From flexible work arrangements to team-building activities, we are always looking for ways to create a positive, supportive, and collaborative work environment, where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Our culture of inclusivity and support helps us to attract and retain top talent, which has been essential to our ongoing success.

At INNOPLEX, we work hard and collaboratively as a team. What's more? We love getting together outside of work, too! Whether we're celebrating a holiday, honoring our employees' successes, or simply taking a break from the daily grind, it's always a great time!

Inspiring Excellence: Employee Recognition at INNOPLEX

Rather than highlighting how our INNOPLEX family members feel about working here, we'd like to shine a spotlight on our exceptional employees to showcase their remarkable contributions and the profound impact they make on each other, our company, and the mission.

Join us in celebrating the individuals who embody the spirit of excellence at INNOPLEX!

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Outstanding Leadership: Ken H. 

"Ken is the true definition of a leader, lifting his team up, ensuring they have the tools and support to succeed and then celebrating their many accomplishments.

He has allowed the team to remain focused on the technical tasks while handling all other project related needs. He has truly been instrumental in lifting this team to highest potential."

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- K.O. + T.G.
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Team Player: Nikki H.

"We can't thank you enough for all the additional support you provide to our team! In addition to successfully staffing your own Prime contract, you volunteered to cover for your fellow recruiter while he was out on leave AND assisted another colleague with her candidates while she was on vacation.

Your quick response to candidate needs and extreme attention to detail makes you a key asset to our Talent Acquisition team! Thank you for being a leader within our team and always offering a helping hand when needed. You rock!"

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- L.B.
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Key Innovator: Jim S.

"Over the past month, Jim has delivered  lunch and learn sessions to help our Talent Team become more knowledgeable about our customers and their mission from a high level.

The initiative shown and the time taken is not something you see in every company. We are one team and we're extremely grateful for your time and knowledge, Jim!"

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- L.W.
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Team Player: Chris K.

"You know how to pitch in with the team to help us succeed! Chris responded to a no-notice request from [our team] to provide a laptop and network connectivity to use for a customer demo. Chris responded immediately and within minutes he not only provided the team with a laptop, he was able to clear a conference room and provide an A/V connection so the team could provide the customer with a clear and concise demo in a professional environment. Less than thirty minutes later, the customer exited the room completely satisfied with what he had seen and he granted permission for the team to begin teleworking immediately. Chris’ actions bring new meaning to the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work!” Thanks again for pitching in and making a difference."

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- K.H.
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Outstanding Leadership: Mike F.

"I would like to nominate Mike in recognition of going above and beyond in his role as Engineering Manager. He demonstrates an unwavering commitment to providing support to all team members by being helpful, responsive and attentive. Mike consistently provides valuable feedback and advice. He has excellent communication skills and always keeps the team informed about topics discussed at company meetings. 

He regularly checks in with each team member to see if they have any questions or concerns. We also appreciate the time and effort that goes into the team luncheons and office goodies. Mike is an exceptional leader, with outstanding interpersonal skills, and the ability to make every team member feel valued and appreciated. You are a rock star Mike!"

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- M.D.
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Exceptional Communication: Margaux C.

"For the months leading up to me coming onboard with the team, Margaux was transparent about everything that was going on for my prospective position. When she found out information, I was immediately informed, and not just by hitting reply on an email but reaching out to via text and calling me up. She didn't just come to me with news, she brought alternatives or additional information.

For someone that was moving across half the country, she brought a positivity and clarity of purpose to a murky situation. I really appreciate her communication and enthusiasm that made me want to get to the team that much more. Thanks Margaux!!!"

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- C.G.
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Getting It Done: Robin T.

"Robin's work supports a collaboration environment used by many internal and external partners around the world, and which our customer expects the user base to continue to grow. Your work enables the transformation of a legacy hardware and software environment to a newer, robust, modern, and flexible solution capability viable for years to come. As a Project Manager you coordinated with no less than 21 offices and developed a detailed plan for a four week installation TDY that incorporated and outlined all personnel's duties and responsibilities.

The planning and coordination for this event has been ongoing since 2022! Additional responsibilities included identification and purchases of necessary equipment, shipping of required items, determining power, space, and cooling requirements and obtaining approvals, and outage schedule."

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- M.F.
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Getting It Done: Tim S.

"These kudos are long overdue for Tim! He is a true ambassador and mentor here at INNOPLEX. Since the day I got here, Tim has been welcoming, knowledgeable, supportive and the Go-To guy for anything INNOPLEX.

I can go to Tim for help with anything - and if he doesn't have the answer right off the bat, he goes the extra mile by assisting in finding a solution. He genuinely cares about the well-being of all employees and it shows with his dedication each and every day. THANK YOU TIM FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!"

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- S.M.
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Exceptional Communication: Alisha A.

"The program manager communicated to me that he really enjoys Alisha and said she’s super valuable to the team. She’s very accountable and an incredible cognizant communicator. The program manager also recognized how you've repeatedly thrived in, at times, a challenging client organization and continue to have a perfect coms pattern with the client! Awesome job representing INNOPLEX to both the customer and teammates."

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- M.C.

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