The Bay Brigade's Robotics Adventure at INNOPLEX

Yesterday, INNOPLEX was honored to host the vibrant minds of the Friendship Outdoor Skills 4H Program's robotics team, ...

Yesterday, INNOPLEX was honored to host the vibrant minds of the Friendship Outdoor Skills 4H Program's robotics team, aptly named The Bay Brigade. This special visit allowed the young talents to share their impressive Lego Robotics project with us and interact with a couple of INNOPLEX's software developers and engineers, gaining insight into the world of technology and innovation firsthand.

The Friendship Outdoor Skills 4H club, known for its wide array of activities from archery and riflery to robotics and rocketry/aerospace, witnessed the culmination of its newest venture: robotics

Buddy the Robot

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The Bay Brigade's impressive journey is anchored in their upcoming and first-ever participation in the MD State Fair's Robotics competition, scheduled for August 27, 2023. The challenge? Build and code a robot to conquer nine "Save the Bay" challenges, each within three attempts of just 2 minutes and 30 seconds. These aspiring engineers must meticulously document their progress, showcasing the evolution of their creations and the thought processes behind them. INNOPLEX was lucky enough to get a thorough and exciting demonstration of the team's robot, named 'Buddy', in action on the challenge mat, and were so impressed by the kids' thoughtfulness and ingenuity. 

Sharing Wisdom Across Generations

There was captivating conversation between The Bay Brigade and INNOPLEX's Software Developers/Engineers, Jim Sopha and Charlie Fosgate, where many curious questions flowed and the kids got a glimpse into the fascinating universe of software development. Jim and Charlie, with their wealth of experience, shared engaging anecdotes about their flexible careers and how both successes and failures play a pivotal role in software project development. The session not only inspired the young minds but also shed light on the dynamic nature of the tech industry.


As the young engineers shared their designs, thoughts, and aspirations, Jim and Charlie offered valuable insights and advice. This dynamic interaction allowed the kids to not only receive suggestions but also gain firsthand knowledge about different career paths within software development. It was a bridge between the classroom and the real world, highlighting that learning transcends textbooks.

Empowering Our Youth

For the Friendship Outdoor Skills 4H Program, the ultimate objective is to ignite curiosity and spark the interests of these young minds. Many of these future tech leaders were pleasantly surprised to learn about INNOPLEX's contributions and the National Security Agency's innovative work. The 4H club's embrace of robotics marks a new chapter, one where they're building both robots and their team's spirit, learning as they go and unveiling their potential with each step.

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A heartfelt shout-out goes to Margaux Carlin, one of INNOPLEX's dedicated employees, who has been instrumental in supporting The Bay Brigade's journey of innovation and learning. Her efforts have been pivotal in guiding these ingenious youngsters towards their dreams!

A Field Trip to Remember

In essence, the field trip illuminated a path of curiosity, innovation, and learning for The Bay Brigade. Their journey aligns perfectly with the 4H program's ideals of fostering curiosity and creativity among its members. INNOPLEX is proud to have been a part of this enriching experience, nurturing the future pioneers of technology and inspiring them to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons.

Learn more about their 4H Program here.

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